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Development of platforms and SaaS systems for various sectors of the economy.

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We offer White Label of ready-made thinned business solutions for FINTECH

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Development, certification and licensing of payment solutions for IT

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Frequently Asked Questions

International group of companies INTERNET CASH (TM) The group of companies was founded in 2010 and specializes in the field of FINTECH technologies. In Costa Rica, the group is represented by INTERNET CASH GROUP COSTA RICA

Developments in the field of FINTECH

Costa Rica, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, USA, Hong Kong. In Costa Rica, the group is represented by INTERNET CASH GROUP COSTA RICA

Creation and support of complex highly intelligent IT projects at all stages: idea - legal support - financing - development - operation - audit

We can finance social projects that are aimed at mass monetization with an original and interesting idea. We can fully finance the project on the terms of owning a controlling stake.

No, it doesn't. DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is a movement that aims to bypass traditional financial intermediaries by placing financial services on the blockchain. The exception is citizens and companies of sanctioned countries.

We offer our business or financial management platforms as SaaS or White Label. In addition, we offer cooperation on the use of platforms of various bulletin boards, vacancies, marketplaces, Internet banking, crypto banking, payment systems, and the like.

Most jurisdictions require such a license, and our company is ready to help you get it. A license is not needed only if your project does not come into contact with fiat money or you act as an agent of a licensed company, for example, one of ours. That is, you can first become an agent of one of the financial companies operating on our platforms, and after gaining sufficient experience, go through licensing and start your own financial business.

We offer a technical solution for: payment systems (PSP \ TSP), Internet money (EMI), money transfer system (APi), card payment systems and connection to SWIFT, SEPA, FASTER PAYMENT, ICBP, Social Fi, and are also ready to pay new ideas based on DeFi and Blockchain technologies.

We can offer the development of technical and legal parts to connect your business to accepting payments by cards: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, BINOCARD, UnionPay, as well as others on request.

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Christine Eve


I am very satisfied with the communication with the WGSCG team. They are truly professionals who create a quality product.

Michael Ross


I didn't have a final vision, but in the end I got ideal product that makes money